Meet JD

 JD goes on to say, “After apologizing to all of my buddies in the art class, who were all much better than me, I asked my teacher, 'How in the world did I win?'
She told me it was because my work was unique. I buried my gift for fifty years and focused on children’s book publishing." 
“It was not until 2014 that I painted my next musical instrument. I was not trying to prove anything, but I just wanted to paint. After painting on a few canvases, some friends encouraged me to take them to a gallery. I chose the modern art gallery of Nina Kuzina in Nashville, Tennessee and I began to produce more jazz instruments."

Since then, JD has painted over 100 paintings using the medium of acrylic on canvas. He likes to use acrylic mainly because it it drys fast and he doesn’t have to wait days to complete a project. It was the medium chosen by famous 20th-century artists like Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko and has put contemporary artists on the path to excellence and he believes acrylics do lend themselves best to modern art.

"When a master jazz musician plays, their instrument becomes one with them and something wonderfully colorful happens. It's as if an instrument is ready to be discovered for the first time, anticipating the jumping, twisting, smiling, singing and dancing of its master. It is my hope that my art inspires the heart and refreshes the soul and you hear these instruments come alive to reveal their proud voice of pure improvisation."

                                                                 JD Wise

From the creator of the Beginner’s Bible brand comes JDWise Art. After spending 20 years creating, developing and building the best-selling children’s Bible brand and employing a team of in-house artists, JD Wise decided to try his hand at creating his own line of artwork.

JD Wise was born in Miami, Florida and grew up during the "glory years" of south Florida, where you could feel the warm ocean breeze against your face everyday while adventuring through a backdrop of Art Deco and Spanish architecture unlike any other.

It was a time and place where you could stumble into Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra, or have Desi Arnaz as your neighbor, all while participating in some of the best salsa bands, operas, and musicals in the world! He was surrounded by greatness but never took it for granted, even as a child.

JD Wise’s art combines his Miami roots with his love for music.

"The first real painting I did was of a trumpet. It was the instrument I played so it just flowed out of me. There were so many great and talented artists around me that I never imagined mine would amount to anything. But, in my senior year of high school my art teacher entered that painting into the prestigious Scholastic Art Contest, and after a month she came and told me I had won the category of "Modern Art" for the state of Florida. My piece went on to New York.”