"When a master jazz musician plays his instrument, it becomes one with him and something wonderfully colorful happens."

"I hope that my art will inspire your heart refresh your soul, and that you hear these instruments come alive to reveal their proud voices of pure improvisation."


from the creator of

 After spending 20 years creating, developing and building the best-selling children’s Bible brand
with his team of artists, 
JD Wise decided to try his hand at creating
his own line of artwork. 

The Beginners Bible

jdwise art 

Steinway Gallery

Brandon Herrenbruck
Steinway Piano Gallery, President & Owner

Steinway Piano Gallery off Harding Road & 65
Nashville, TN.

      The art of JD Wise is a uniquely jazzy style. He is a one-of-a-kind creative who sees musical instruments jumping and dancing off the wall.
      JD has whimsical down pat but he also has the ability to make musical instruments look true to life, almost photographic. In all my years of owning a gallery and being in the center of art industry, I have yet to see a more identifiable style than that of JD Wise.

- Nina Kuzina
Owner, Nina Kuzina Art Gallery
Nashville, TN


      I plan to be collecting JD Wise art for a long time! "Sax Sells",
was my first purchase. I was captured the first time I saw it, and realized after a couple days, if I didn't purchase it I would regret it forever.
      No regrets! Not only is the painting amazing, and a favorite, JD himself is a favorite. I have loved partnering on interior decor projects with him and getting to know him.
      He is as dynamic and vibrant as his art. "Sax Sells" is currently hanging in the dining room of my Airbnb, sharing "Music City" love with travelers from all over the world.

Kristin Laine
Realtor/ Owner Boxwood Properties
Nashville, TN


     As owners of several prints by JDWise, we are blessed by the joy and fun we sense through the unique musical expressions of his artistry.
     The art adds an uplifting atmosphere to our home.

- Jorge and Shirley Marsal
Musical Director/Producer
Dallas, TX


     JD is an incredibly gifted artist
and musician. I have several of his pieces throughout my home and I’m a big fan of his work. His art is very musical, colorful and creative.

- Mandy Barnett
Professional Singer
Nashville, TN


      It's hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years since I first met JD. I had the pleasure of teaching his three talented children, and in all that time,
I knew him as a musician, a mover and shaker, and a visionary. It wasn’t until a few years ago when his wife, Chris, posted one of his pieces on FaceBook that I had any idea that he was also a brilliant painter! I love the way he has combined two of his passions into one art form.
     His paintings are completely captivating and set the perfect tone in my creative workspace. My original JD Wise is the focal point of my studio and is one of my most prized possessions.

 -Jenny Oldham
Fine Arts Dept. Chair
Brentwood Academy
Nashville, TN


     I was first introduced to JD’s work a few years ago and was instantly enamored with his quirky, fun,
and abstract style. There’s a brilliant callback to the abstractions, modern stylings, and graphic qualities of the '50s and '60s, but at the same time a subtle anthropomorphic quality to his subjects be it a flute, clarinet, trumpet, or piano.
     When all of these traits are combined, they produce what is most simply described in one emotion: pure joy. From my interactions with JD, that makes perfect sense. He’s a wellspring of joy and enthusiasm for his art, music, life, family, and faith. Perhaps that’s the clearest indication of mastery of his craft- he’s able to create an honest
representation of himself and convey a bit of his soul to the viewer.
     That’s an accomplishment many artists work their whole lives to achieve.

​- Trea Bailey
Los Angeles, CA


     I am a collector of fine art and when I was first introduced to JD‘s paintings, I knew I had the perfect spots for his eclectic pieces in my home.
     His style is very colorful, whimsical and energetic.
- Linden Leask 
Art Collector
Nashville, TN